Why Refurbish a Conservatory?

Our research has shown that many older conservatories often look tired and are not used for their original intention. Put simply, homeowners no longer have the same sense of pride in these dated, glazed extensions. However, there’s never been a better time than now to replace your old conservatory with an impressive new one and there’s a wealth of options to choose from too. It’s also re-assuring to know that our next generation products have been designed to last far longer than the first generation original ones.

Replacement Conservatory

A replacement conservatory will look far better, making a real feature on your home and can also be considerably warmer, by using the latest generation of high performance, climate control and self cleaning glass. It’s also the opportunity to re-discover the extra living space. Make it a dining area, office or simply a place to relax.

Colours are important and are a function of the design of conservatory and its relative size. Whether you want your old room back, a new office, dining area or just a space to relax, a refurbished conservatory is a very cost effective solution to rediscover your lost space. A new design of conservatory to replace your existing one, will also open up further possibilities…

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Replacement Conservatory Installations

Use one of our Registered Installers and we’ll be able to build you something that will add considerable value to your home and your life. Have a look at our latest conservatory case study.