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A wide range of Conservatory designs and styles

Choose from our range of conservatory designs, offering living space and value, for the perfect addition to your home

Livin Room Orangery – Modern Conservatory Living

A ‘Livin’ room Orangery is the latest in Conservatory design and offers a wonderfully light and airy living space which is truly functional, as well as being cosy and inviting throughout the year.

Homeowners love the internal feel of the Orangery, but often don’t have the budget or a house that would readily accept such a traditional design until now. LivinRoom Orangery takes the proven internals of a conservatory roof and adds a perimeter ceiling to the inside, perfect for downlighters and speakers, giving a real room feel. It can be harnessed with nearly any conservatory design and the addition of the Cornice gutter shroud provides the option of additional visual appeal to the outside.

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Gallery, styles in action

Click on any of the thumbnails below to get further inspiration from Refurbish My Conservatory. Think carefully about the external design and the internal features and ask one of our local Register Installers for additional expert advice.

Loggia, adding style and comfort

Loggia is a luxurious and modern building system that combines Italian flair with sound British engineering philosophies, to help create all year round glazed extensions.

Taking the light and airy nature of a conservatory Loggia offers insulated and structural columns and two key features taken from the design of an Orangery. The cornice gutter shroud provides a clean finish to the perimeter of the roof, while an internal pelmet offers the boxed in feature so loved by homeowners. It’s perfect for downlights giving a true Orangery feel, yet with modern building materials and energy efficiency in mind.

Loggia in Detail

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