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Do I need new foundations for my replacement conservatory?

Monday 1st October 2018

If you are planning on replacing your existing conservatory roof, you should be aware that there is more to the replacement than just choosing a new roof. 

When deciding to replace your conservatory roof, you will need to have a number of checks carried out on the existing structure and its foundations to ensure that it can withstand the additional weight that a new roof may have. You will need to have the existing foundations of your conservatory checked to see whether it can withstand the additional weight of the replacement roof. Trial holes will need to be excavated to make these checks. LABC say that, ‘in most cases a 150mm thick concrete strip foundation or reinforced concrete slab which bears onto original ground will be adequate.’ Although, they also say that any foundations that pass over drains or are too close to tree roots, or are on filled ground are likely to need more consideration.

Should your existing foundations be deemed adequate, and you have additional support to support your new roof, you can move ahead with replacing the roof. If this is not the case, then your building contractor should be able to offer you advice on the next step, or you can gain advice from the government’s Planning Portal.

As we mentioned in our previous news post, your conservatory must be strong enough to support a new roof – whether that be glass or tiled. We have specially designed Retro-Fit frame support posts especially for the conservatory refurbishment market. The Retro-fit system is a range of structural side frame posts that are used to support heavier conservatory glass roofs and our WARMroof system in installations where polycarbonate is being upgraded. It is HUGELY important that the frame work beneath the roof is able to provide adequate lateral support for the roof loading above otherwise, the conservatory will warp and in worse cases even collapse. 

All our installers are able to provide advice on building regulations if you are unsure about the process. Please contact us today to have the registered installer for your area contact you 


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