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"We've found it cheaper with someone else"

Choosing cheaper over better quality might cost more in the long term

Monday 8th July 2019

A conservatory roof or refurbishment should be an investment not a quick fix. Our installers sometimes get the feedback "I've found someone who can do it much cheaper" but ask yourself why. You can't buy cheap and expect quality. 

The products we install are the best on the market as we believe in quality over anything else. Not only are our products of high quality, some are unique to us and offer attributes that no other product can. We understand refurbishing your conservatory isn't going to be cheap no matter which system you go for but consider why some other companies can carry out the works for a lot less. "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."

A conservatory refurbishment is a investment, not a cheap fix. Paying that bit more for quality reassures you that it will last and stand the test of time. More often than not, homeowners who have chosen cheaper alternatives and other systems have in fact spent more in the long term because they have had to refurbish again due to problems with their 'new' system including warping, leaks, cracks etc. 

Some of our installers in the past have fitted competitor products or cheaper alternatives and since using our systems haven't gone back with one installer branding our products "the best on the market by far and now I won't compromise on quality"

We advise doing your research and looking into other systems properly before taking the leap. We offer free brochures and all our installers are happy to come and visit you to go through all our products in detail should you wish. 

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