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Make sure your new conservatory roof is supported!

Don't risk damage to your property or even worse...someone's life with poorly installed conservatory roofs

Thursday 9th August 2018

We receive many calls from homeowners whose newly refurbished conservatory roofs are already starting to warp due to poorly installed roofs without the right support. Make sure your roof is supported properly or it could end in disaster!

Despite homeowners choosing to refurbish their existing conservatory roofs to a modern day glass or solid roof, many of them a few years down the line are noticing the frames starting to warp or even collapse due to poorly supported side frames. Many conservatories built in the 1990's were installed with polycarbonate roofs. A a solid roof is approximately twice as heavy and a glass roof is approximately four times heavier so the side frames must be able to support new roof installations. 

Unfortunately, not all roof systems or installers have the systems or products to do this. We on the other hand, have specially designed Retro-Fit frame support posts especially for the conservatory refurbishment market. The Retro-fit system is a range of structural side frame posts that are used to support heavier conservatory glass roofs and our WARMroof system in installations where polycarbonate is being upgraded. It is HUGELY important that the frame work beneath the roof is able to provide adequate lateral support for the roof loading above otherwise, the conservatory will warp and in worse cases even collapse. 

We have also found in some cases that homeowners have been informed by their insurance company that they will not cover the cost of a conservatory that is warping or collapsing as it's down to the installer to install a product with the correct support. 

However, don't panic - you've come to the right place! All our installers have access to our Retro-Fit posts to provide your replacement with the support it needs giving you complete peace of mind that your new conservatory will be structurally sound. 

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