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Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Opening up your home to the outdoors

Tuesday 16th January 2018

Bi-folding doors open up your room to the outdoors allowing light to flood in -  making it feel bigger, brighter and more beautiful. Aluminium bi-folding doors are perfect if you’re looking to create a seamless transition between indoors and out. 

We have a range of Aluminium bi-folding and fold sliding doors suitable for new builds or renovation projects. They are perfect for replacing patio doors to open up your home space to the outdoors providing your room with more light and space. With our doors being made from Aluminium, this means that they are strong, lightweight and durable and can also be powder coated in a colour of your choice to suit all styles and tastes. 

Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium does not contract or expand in hot or cold weather, ensuring your home remains both energy efficient and very secure. They are also almost maintenance free too, with little upkeep required compared to other materials making it the perfect choice for your doors. Our systems have ultra slim frames meaning even more light is able to flood into the room as opposed to those with wider frames, reducing the amount of glass.

How do you choose the right door for your home?

Firstly, you’ll need to think carefully about the style of door and particularly whether a sliding or slide-folding system is right for you. You will also want to take care to choose the right colour (both for the outside and inside if you select a dual-colour option) and to think about the style and colour of the door furniture. Once you’ve chosen your system and colour, it’s important to see a sample to ensure the tone and shade are exactly what you want; you can then accurately assess the texture, lustre and finish before making your final decision. If you speak to your installer, they can arrange for a sample to be sent directly to you.

Should you choose a Slide Folding or Sliding door option?

Slide folding doors allow for slim lines to combine elegance with great performance together with smooth, easy and reliable operation. They can incorporate a traditional door for flexible use. You will have completely uninterrupted views when they are open and are a great solution for small spaces. 

Sliding doors consist of large panes that move to the side and stack behind each other. These maximise light and give the most unobstructed views when closed. They have slim lines and discrete hardware and are ideal for limited spaces. 

Other things to consider:

Other areas to consider are colours and finishes, hardware such as handles and glass. 

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