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CASE STUDY: WARMroof Hybrid with TapcoSlate Tiles

Homeowner Sally has recently had her conservatory transformed into WARMroof Hybrid

Thursday 20th December 2018

Homeowner Sally recently had her old, unused conservatory transformed into a room she can use all year round with the installation of a WARMroof Hybrid. 

Sally and Colin from Anglesey recently replaced their old bronze, polycarbonate conservatory roof with a WARMroof Hybrid as they felt their old conservatory didn’t provide the functional living space they initially desired. 

They first purchased their home in 2012 yet it was built in 2000 and the conservatory only added a year later. However, the lightweight polycarbonate roof didn’t provide the thermal performance they required, the room was far too cold in the winter and even in summer, they rarely used it as intended. Sally explained “We could never use our conservatory as we would have liked to as it was too cold in mid-winter. I would have to pre-heat it before we could sit in it and I had to limit what we had in there as the wooden furnishings would discolour from the UV from the direct sunlight and other items became damp. It was very old fashioned and I couldn’t really enjoy looking at the garden as it also had windows with horizontal bars at eye level which spoiled the view. In extreme weather the roof was also extremely noisy, particularly with heavy rain or hail.  The conservatory felt cut off from the rest of the house.”

Eventually, Sally and Colin decided to refurbish their conservatory, whilst they had the money to do so – it was an investment for them. However, choosing the solid roof wasn’t always the way Sally wanted to go. Sally enjoyed the light in her conservatory and felt it was very important to keep this element in the room so she could see the sky on a nice day and so a solid roof was off-putting. Her husband Colin preferred a solid roof so after lots of research, they compromised and finally decided on a solid roof with four glazed panels and four Velux windows – the WARMroof Hybrid was the perfect choice. 

Sally and Colin chose TapcoSlate tiles for their WARMroof as not only did they like the look of the realistic slate effect, but the colour they chose was a perfect match to their slate house tiles making it a seamless addition to their home. 

Overall, Sally & Colin could not be happier with their WARMroof Hybrid and are both delighted with how it has turned out. They found the whole process of refurbishing their conservatory clean, efficient and fun! Everything was done very efficiently and they felt very informed about the product and process throughout. "The best part of their newly refurbished conservatory is the amount of light it lets in and how much warmer it is even with no heating on. They sit in this room almost all of the time, relaxing and enjoying the view of their stunning garden. It now feels like part of the house."

Sally & Colin chose local installer Window Medic to carry out their refurbishment and they couldn't have been happier with the company, staff & installers. If you're planning on transforming your conservatory, contact us today to be put in touch with a registered installer in your area. 


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