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How much will it cost?

Monday 25th February 2019

When looking to refurbish your conservatory, the most important question will be "How much is it going to cost me?"

If you've made the decision to refurbish your conservatory,  your first thoughts are more than likely going to be "how much will it cost?" or "can I afford it?"

We very often get asked on first enquiry "can you give me a ball park figure?" well unfortunately, the simple answer is no. There are many factors that need to be considered before you can get a quote for your refurbishment. Firstly, you need to ask yourself what your budget it and be realistic with your budget too - you won't be able to refurbish your 4m x 4m conservatory roof for £1000. Once you have a budget in mind, you need to consider these things:

1) The size - how big is it? Do you want to keep it the same size or would you want to extend it a little?

2) The style  - is it a lean to, Edwardian, P shape etc?

3)  The 'prep' work - how much ground preparation work will need to be done? 

4) The roof type - do you want to refurbish to a glass roof or solid roof? 

5) The frames - adding a heavier roof than your existing roof will require structurally sound frames (windows & doors) do they need replacing? Will you choose PVC or aluminium? We do have 'retro fit' posts which can be added should you want to keep your frames so ask about these if you don't want to go with new ones.

6) The location - costs can also depend on location - a conservatory refurbishment might be cheaper in the North of the UK than in the Southern areas.

6) Additional factors - plastering, lighting, underfloor heating etc. 

As we cannot give 'ball park figures' we can provide very rough ideas to give you an indication as to whether the budget you have set yourself is close or way off..

A simple conservatory roof replacement only project would cost around £2,500 to £5,000 when high specification conservatory glass is specified and we add additional structural support where necessary. To add a solid roof, you would be looking at £5,000 +. However, solid roof systems provide better thermal qualities and give you more of an 'extension' feel so it's a better investment.

When you look to replace your windows and doors in addition to the roof then this is where the design opportunities really start to come to the fore, a new conservatory could cost as little as £4,500 to £7,000 for a basic like for like replacement. 

A full refurbishment would cost anything from £10,000+ depending on the options you decide on.

These prices are a very rough guide and to get a full, detailed, final quote, we would advise you speak to one of our registered installers who can visit your property at a time that's convenient to you to provide more accurate costs. For an installer to visit you it's completely free of charge so you have nothing to lose!

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